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In my role as a User Experience Design Lead, I managed the Slickdeals client project. Slickdeals, a well-known platform for finding top deals, sought to create a loyalty program aimed at recognizing and incentivizing active members who share deals, earn points through cashback de and engage with the community.


Role: Lead UX Designer – me, myself, and I

Stakeholders: Collaborating with product manager, clients, and developers

Duration: 4 months

Users: Consumers

Tools: Sketch, InVision

The problem

Slickdeals faces the challenge of developing a competitive loyalty program that matches or exceeds offerings from rivals in the deal-discovery sector. This involves balancing user expectations, resource allocation, customization, profitability, engagement, technical implementation, regulatory compliance, and ongoing innovation to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The Approach

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 7.32.57 PM.png

Understand and define

As the Lead UX Designer, I conducted user interviews, performed competitive analysis, and validated user personas. Additionally, I thoroughly researched the potential for introducing gamification. This research forms the foundation for our strategy in implementing gamification elements that align with user needs and industry best practices

User Interviews

Here are a couple of quotes from Slickdeals users during the initial research phase regarding the upcoming loyalty program, reflecting their strong appreciation for the community aspect:

  1. "I love Slickdeals because it's not just about deals; it's a community of people helping each other save money. I'm excited about the loyalty program if it continues to strengthen this sense of togetherness."

  2. "Slickdeals has been my go-to for years because of the active user community. If the loyalty program enhances our ability to share deals and tips within this community, count me in! It's what sets Slickdeals apart."

These quotes highlight the users' emphasis on the community aspect and their eagerness to see the loyalty program contribute positively to the Slickdeals community.

Introducing gamification

We wanted to leveraging psychological principles from games to motivate users and create a more engaging and rewarding experience. We used these to enhance user loyalty, drive desired behaviors, and create a sense of fun and achievement within the loyalty program



Point system

  • Earn points for specific tasks, posts, contributions and deals

Points to rewards

  • Cash value

  • Old inventory

Competitive Analysis

One of the first hurdle is to thoroughly research and understand the loyalty programs of Slickdeals' competitors. This includes analyzing the features, rewards, and engagement strategies of other platforms to identify areas where Slickdeals can differentiate itself.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 6.30.11 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 6.30.18 PM.png

What does success look like?

  1. Participation Rate: Measure user engagement in the loyalty program.

  2. Retention Rate: Track how many users continue to use the program.

  3. Redemption Rate: Measure how often earned rewards are redeemed.

  4. Total Sales Attributed to the Program: Track revenue generated by members.

Sketch and decide


I wanted to keep the process simple shop for cashback deals, earn points, and redeem points 

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 7.52.14 PM.png


Deciding the layout based on personalized deals, points balance, redeeming points, program highlights and transaction history

Content Layout.png
Desktop - option A Copy.png

High-Fidelity Mockups

I created a high-fidelity mockup that embodied a visually appealing and user-centric experience. The mockup featured a streamlined and intuitive interface, incorporating personalized deals, seamless point-earning actions, and an easily accessible reward redemption system.

Desktop - option A.png
Mobile Variation 2.png
Mobile variation step 3 Copy.png

User testing

We conducted unmoderated usability testing to validate our understanding and got the following feedback:

Usability Test Result Summary:

During usability testing, we observed that participants found the Slickdeals Loyalty Program interface to be highly intuitive and engaging. The following key findings emerged:

1. User-Friendly Navigation:
   - Participants commended the clear and organized layout, making it easy to find their way around the loyalty program.

2. Points Accumulation:
   - Users appreciated the simplicity of earning points through actions like making purchases, referring friends, and sharing deals. The point-earning process was described as straightforward.

3. Reward Redemption:
   - Participants found the reward redemption process to be seamless, with a straightforward interface for selecting and redeeming rewards. They praised the variety of rewards available.

6. Mobile Responsiveness:
   - Participants noted that the loyalty program performed equally well on mobile devices, ensuring a consistent experience across platforms.

7. Accessibility:
   - The loyalty program adhered to accessibility guidelines, accommodating users with disabilities and receiving positive feedback for inclusivity.

8. Suggestions for Improvement:
   - While the overall feedback was positive, some users suggested minor improvements in the clarity of point-earning actions and the presentation of challenges.

In conclusion, the usability testing results indicate that the Slickdeals Loyalty Program's design and functionality have been well-received by users. The program's intuitive interface, gamification elements, and personalization contribute to a positive and engaging user experience. Addressing the suggested improvements will further enhance user satisfaction and program effectiveness.


After completing user testing, I passed the designs to the engineering team and collaborated with the product manager to establish a launch roadmap. We initiated a pilot program, during which we employed telemetry to evaluate the predefined metrics.

1. Participation Rate:
The Loyalty Program boasted a high participation rate, indicating that a significant portion of active Slickdeals users enthusiastically enrolled in the program. This robust engagement fostered a vibrant community of deal-seekers and contributors.

2. Retention Rate:
The loyalty program witnessed an impressive retention rate, with a substantial number of program members continuing to use the program over time. This sustained engagement underscored the program's ability to provide ongoing value and fostered strong and enduring relationships between users and the Slickdeals platform.

3. Redemption Rate:
The high redemption rate demonstrated that program members frequently and eagerly redeemed their earned rewards. Users consistently enjoyed the rewards offered, indicating that they felt valued and rewarded, which in turn bolstered their satisfaction and loyalty to the Slickdeals platform.

4. Total Sales Attributed to the Program:
The loyalty program made a significant and direct contribution to Slickdeals' total sales and revenue. This remarkable success showcased the program's effectiveness in driving sales and revenue growth, solidifying its role as a key driver of financial success for the company.

In summary, the Slickdeals Loyalty Program achieved excellent results with high user engagement, retention, reward redemption, and substantial contributions to the company's total sales and revenue, further establishing Slickdeals as a premier platform for discovering and sharing deals.

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