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Antares Capital


As a User Experience Design Lead, I oversaw the client Antares Capital a debt manager and financial service provider and their product needs from inception to completion. 

Note: Some of the content is intentionally redacted.


Role: Lead Designer, leading the project closely working with stakeholders such as asset managers, investment developer, project managers, investor relations, structured products groups, product owners, designers, UI leads, backend engineering and executives to understand business goals and user needs. My goal was to get alignment on UX strategies with business goals and user needs.

Stakeholders: Collaborating with product manager, clients, and developers

Duration: 5 months

Tools: Sketch, InVision, MIRO, Zeplin, Confluence, JIRA

The problem

  1. Streamlined Deal Management: Design intuitive workflows and interfaces for deal management processes. Simplify the process of inputting and tracking deal-related information, managing documents, and collaborating with team members.

  2. Clear Data Visualization: Present complex financial data in clear and meaningful visual formats such as charts, graphs, and tables. Use interactive visualizations that allow users to drill down into details and analyze data effectively.

The Approach

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 1.03.06 PM.png

initial Discovery and Research

We conducted a design thinking workshop by applying design thinking principles, Antares Capital can identify and address the needs of their clients by enhancing their internal services and processes, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Challenge: designing for all the user groups with vastly different tasks and personas

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 7.41.08 PM.png

CRM Benchmarking

We wanted to see how is the existing UI is doing compared to other CRM clients at that time. We wanted to uncover potential problems, areas of improvement and learn about adoption and engagement.

Validating Product Users

A comprehensive list of users affected by new experience. The exhaustive list also included Fund Accounting, Marketing, Legal. These groups were added to the primary users later in the project which led us to parallel part phase 2 of the project.

Image 1.png
Image 1.png

Prioritized Success

From a comprehensive list of goals we asked users to prioritize and rank success and we then prioritized them as show on the left. 

Focus was on project success and vision

What are the current pain points and what is working well for the users?

A comprehensive list of users affected by new experience

What bothers them?

Image 1.png

What are they happy with?

Image 1.png

Identify & prioritize key user group activities

Prioritize User Tasks for 4 primary groups

​For the primary user group: Investor Development

  • find prospects and close new investors programs

  • maintain relation with active investors

  • develop new products

Image 1.png

Review key user journey, interactions and touch points 

User Journey for Investor Development

Image 1.png

Ideate and Solution

Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 7.17.37 PM.png

What is the information architecture?

We conducted a card sort exercise to understand and organize content based on users mental model and


Based on the card sort exercise, we quick sitemap. Due to time and budget challenges we couldn't perform a tree test. We could only validate the IA during usability testing. 

Antares - ID.png

Service Blueprint

Since this journey had various touchpoints with other product users and cross-functional effort, we wanted to create a end to end blueprint for all user groups

Image 1.png


Low fidelity representations of how each user is involved based on the service blueprint.

ID - Dashboard.png

User testing

We conducted moderated usability testing to validate our understanding and overall we got good feedback and the designs were revised and approved based on the feedback. The usability testing and its report cannot be produced at this time.

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