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As a User Experience Design Lead, I oversaw the NDR (Network Detection and Response) project features and the launch of a new product Vectra Match. This case study focuses on Vectra Match and its features.

Coming soon: detailed projects! Since this is an ongoing project we cannot share information


I closely worked with stakeholders such as product managers, designers, UI leads, backend engineering and executives to understand business goals and user needs. I helped shape the UX strategy and vision for two of their specific products.

The problem

Over the years we have heard extensive feedback about the challenges with running a signature-based IDS, including extensive alert noise, false positives, inability to understand the significance of alerts, and the challenges of non-intrusive attack detection within encrypted tunnels.  Vectra has been very successful in solving these use cases over the years, but customers still have a need for IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) technology for compliance and security reasons. 

The Approach

For phase 1: we took an iterative approach

Exploration --> Userflows -->wireframes --> User research -->Mocks --> usability testing --> design handoff 

initial exploration and Research

We conducted multiple exploratory sessions to understand what is IDS and how it can be implemented as a product. One of the approach we took was competitive exploration:

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 7.06.33 PM.png

Corelights approach is to integrate Suricata IDS with their NDR solution. Steps they took:

Acquire hardware

Install pre-built packagws

Acquire Signatures

Feed it to the packets

Export to SIEM

Tune Signatures

Stamus Networks:

Provide turn-key Suricata network intrusion detection/protection system (IDS/IPS), network security monitoring (NSM), and threat hunting implementation created and maintained by Stamus Networks.

Screenshot 2023-06-10 at 7.10.06 PM.png


Closely working with product managers, the engineering team, and the API team we build multiple iterations of complex userflows to understand what steps a user can take and at each steps what errors we can uncover

Product Naming

I led the product naming brainstorm with marketing, sales, product and other stakeholders


Once the userflows were in a good place we moved to creating wireframes

IDS - Upload.png
IDS -1.png

Since this project is ongoing and features some unreleased information. I am happy to talk about it but will not be sharing sensitive information.

Other Initiatives

Introducing Design thinking methodology at Vectra

Improving Wireframe process 

Setting Research Strategies

Conducting Contextual Inquiries with customers

Strategizing UX at Cybersecurity events

Gave a seminar on effective wireframing and help create wireframe guide for quick wireframes

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