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Breathless Redesign Project

UI/UX Design Flow: 

Business+User Goal ---> Ideation --->UX Research & Analysis ---> Competitive Analysis ---> Sitemap ---> Wire-framing---> Usability Testing ---> Functional Specs

---> Client Demo   

Website Redesign Project:

Unbranded disease awareness site for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. IPF is a rare disease and the same number of people die as Breast Cancer. And 50% of the patients are misdiagnosed. Hence, disease awareness is extremely crucial and we recommended a site with easy to digest information with share-ability.


This UX project started with mapping user goals, business goals, and existing site data. We identified that the user engagement was low and the bounce rate was high. To solve the existing issues and incorporate new requirements. We also did competitive analysis and white-boarding, ideation and followed by sitemap and wireframes and usability testing. 


Breathless Site Performance Data: November (two weeks after launch)

2 mins

Visitors spent almost 2 full minutes on Breathless, a full minute longer than the previous site design

Industry Standard: 2-3 mins

Old site average: 0:50s


Almost 200 visitors have completed registration in the first two weeks, significantly up from last quater

Old site monthly average:

30 completed registration/quarter


Over 800 visitors have exited to L&Y (other BI site), maintaining the high conversion rate seen in Q3. 

Over 300 visitors have exited to OFEV(Drug site), doubling the traffic previously seen during a 2 week time period

Old site click through rate to L&Y and OFEV was 4.4% and 0.9% respectively

Below are the images of the sitemap, initial wires and the designed site ( is currently live).

Usability Testing was performed. Download a obscured version of the report: 

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