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Lungs and You Redesign Project

UI/UX Design Flow: 

Business+User Goal ---> Ideation --->UX Research  &Analysis ---> Wire-framing---> Usability Testing ---> Client Demo 

Website Refresh Project:


Unbranded disease education site for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. IPF is a rare disease and the same number of people die as Breast Cancer. And 50% of the people are misdiagnosed, 1 out 2 pulmonologist doesn't know about IPF. Hence, disease education is crucial to keep people living with IPF and caregivers informed. The requirement was to create engaging and empowering content and creating tools to help the users stay informed. We created a gamified tool to compare diseases. 


This UX project started with mapping user goals, business goals, and existing site data. We identified that the user engagement was low and the bounce rate was high. To solve the existing issues and incorporate new requirements. We also did competitive analysis and white-boarding, ideation and followed by sitemap and wireframes.

We increased the site performance by 32% and site engagement by 20secs. Site average bounce rate is 23%.


Below is a sneak peek of the initial wires for a video page and current live designed site. 

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