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User Research on T-Mobile


This research was done for a course work at the University of Maryland. It was designed to provide solutions to T-Mobile to increase its customer base and make its service more efficient with goal of attracting more mobile users from student population in College Park.


Method Performed: Intial Survey ------> Diary Study ------> User Interview/Feedback

Other Methods used in this group project: User interview, Focus Group, Surveys.

Initial Survey: This was done to understand the users, what kind of smartphone they use, type of service provider, what type of network they have, do they use their phone everywhere and basic purposes they use their phone internet for. This was done using a form via Google Docs, a link was sent to the users to fill out the form.
Here is the link: survey form
Diary Study and Sample Response
The diary includes the daily activities from morning to evening because the first and last thing that people do is check their phone.
From the surveys result, based on the generally used applications and activity.
This included, time place, network used cellular or Wi-Fi, activities, any issues faced and additional comments. Then Google doc was created, which I asked the users to fill online.
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