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Ernst and Yound AI Web-App Project

UI/UX Design Flow: 

Business+User Goal ---> Ideation ---> Whiteboarding --->UX Research  &Analysis ---> Competitive Analysis --->Sitemap ---> Wire-framing---> Usability Testing ---> Client Demo 

This design project started off with the business requirement, and user goals. This project is EY's artificial intelligence project. And the UX role was to come up with design solutions and to create an experience, which is easier to use and familiar to the stakeholders to integrate this web app with other EY applications.


For this UX project, user research, usability, sketching, white-boarding, wire-framing, and prototyping was done. UI dev was also done with passing along the data and design to the team of backend developers. (Not all screens/deliverables are included and some proprietary information was removed like image, logo, etc) 

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